Tweak Ubuntu to Maximize Permormance

There were many people happy to see the new release of Ubuntu last week. Ubuntu is a Linux Distro that has a very large user base. Part of the popularity is because there are a ton of guides out there on how to use it. These guides help people learn Linux for the first time and get familiar with the command prompt, especially those people migrating from Windows.

Well, someone on the Ubuntu forums has put together a list of performance tweaks that you can do to make your Ubuntu run faster than ever. Here is the list of tweaks:

Use InitNG as a replacement for standard Init.

Speed up Firefox

Custom compile a new kernel.
You can also use this tutorial.

Make sure DMA is enabled.

Use Prelink to make applications start faster.

Pick the kernel that’s right for your processor.

Disable uneeded services from starting.

Use Swiftfox, a faster Firefox for Intel and AMD processors.

Tweak your ext3/reisers filesystem for enhanced performance.

Disable IPV6 to make your internet faster.

If you have any other performance tweaks for Ubuntu, or other Linux Distros, then post them here. Linux is made popular because people help each other.

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